Plating Brap

Plating Brap is one of the leaders in electrolytic plating on plastic parts. Plating Brap is supplying parts belonging to the most famous brands that have the most restrictive requirements.

The parts Plating Brap supply belong to the following industrial branches: automotive, sanitary, taps, house wares, packaging, electronic, electricity and all kinds of parts that require a high quality and long- lasting metallic finish.

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Quality and environment policy

Sustainable finishes

We direct our efforts towards a deep respect for the environment.

We minimize the impact of the production process; we promote the correct use of resources and an optimal recycling of waste.

Our respect for the environment


Quality accreditations

9001 16949 14001

Manufacturer accreditations

Volkswagen Renault General Motors FCA
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Our clients

Major brands that already trust in the level of service and quality of Plating Brap's electrolytic coatings.

Dacia Audi Citröen BMW Bentley General Motors Mercedes DS Automobiles Fiat Ford Nissan Porsche Renault Volkswagen