Quality and environment policy


We direct our efforts towards a deep respect for the environment.

Plating Brap has one of the best and most modern facilities for chrome plating, with a minimum waste rate and maximum use of resources. The manufacturing process benefits from our learning to become more efficient.

An efficiency that is synonymous with sustainability, in accordance with ESG (Environmental, social, and corporate governance) policies for the reduction of the use of raw materials, less waste and greater longevity in the life of the final product.

Plating Brap y el medio ambiente

At the beginning of 2019, a new trivalent chromium sulphate-based finish was implemented in the production line and, in 2021, the installation of a second production line was completed, in this case totally free of hexavalent chromium.

We carry out a physicochemical purification of the wastewater until it becomes suitable for irrigation. Production gases are neutralized by air purifiers. We implement new formulas for plating that are more respectful with the environment. Waste recycling is optimized. Measures that we have adopted, along with coming new ones, in order to continue increasing our sustainability throughout the manufacturing process.

Thanks to these technologies, in the last six years we have managed to reduce by 10% the use of chemical products that are less respectful with the environment by replacing them with others that are.


Energía renovable RENEWABLE ENERGIES

Generation of renewable energy via solar panels (30% of the total energy needed in the plant) and a 5% reduction in electricity consumption thanks to LED lighting.

Tratamiento de aguas WATER TREATMENT

65,000 m3 of water treated in our physicochemical purifiers.

Eficiencia energética ENERGY EFFICIENCY

25% reduction in electricity consumption thanks to gas heating in production lines.

Plating Brap y el medio ambiente


  • Automatic installation of chemical-physical purification of residual waters coming from the production line and also a scrubber containing copper and nickel and having a capacity of 12 m³ / hour. The final mud as a waste is being taken away by an authorized company of waste.
  • Seven neutralizing scrubbers for washing gases proceeding from the baths.

Our clients

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