Continuous innovation in surface treatments.

Plating Brap's commitment to quality and sustainability lies in the innovation of manufacturing process technologies and types of finishes. This technological commitment has allowed us to introduce hexavalent chrome-free chrome plating, being the first surface treatment company homologated by the German Volkswagen group, and to develop a new type of finish, called Dark Chrome, becoming the only chrome platter approved by SEAT. The end result is a product of greater value ensuring the future of Plating Brap as a benchmark in the surface treatment sector.


Plating Brap pioneered the use of trivalent chromium technology. In 2014, it introduced it in its processes, adding it to the traditional hexavalent chromium process.

It currently has the trivalent ones in chloride bases and sulfates. The different chrome etch finishes allow its application in different industrial sectors, from the automotive industry to applications for the home and even cosmetics.

Chrome Free Etch

Plating Brap has a new chrome free etch production line, which dispenses with hexavalent chrome in the etching process, guaranteeing the quality of the final product.

The resulting surface is no different from the traditional process and the process does not compromise the strength of the finish. This technology represents a giant step in the environmental sustainability of the entire process. Both chrome free etch and hexavalent and trivalent chrome etch are used for chrome plating parts in gloss and satin finishes.

Our clients

Major brands that already trust in the level of service and quality of Plating Brap's electrolytic coatings.

Dacia Audi Citröen BMW Bentley General Motors Mercedes DS Automobiles Fiat Ford Nissan Porsche Renault Volkswagen