About Plating Brap

Suppliers of quality surface treatments for prestigious manufacturers.

We are a team of professionals who work in one of the plants with the lowest residual rate in the sector. From here we produce for more than a hundred different customers: the basis of our project is the final product.

After the creation of Plating Brap in 2004, we have grown steadily to become a benchmark in the sector. We work for manufacturers who do not integrate the final coating process of their parts in their production line and we provide comprehensive services to those who need productive capacity.

La Empresa

All this would not be possible without a firm commitment to innovation, research and continuous improvement of the chrome plating process, from electrolytic coating to waste purification.

La Empresa


Superficie Surface

Production plant area: 12,000 m2

Capacidad Capacity

Production capacity of 8,500 dm2/hour

Producción Production

Annual production of more than 30 million pieces

Envíos Shipments

Shipments to 17 countries different from 4 continents


  • Automatic equipment for mains water decalcifying with a production of 10 m³/ hour
  • Automatic reverse osmosis equipment with pre-treatment for a production of 24 m³/ day of demineralized water.
  • Automatic programmed AUTOM II-S 2500/1200 equipment for metalizing ABS and ABS/PC plastic parts and the ones with simultaneous finishes (glossy, burnished, gold and micro-pored)
  • Automatic programmed AUTOM II – S 2500/1200 equipment for demetallizing racks
  • Demineralized water recycling equipment for ionic exchange with a capacity of 3 m³/ hour

Our clients

Major brands that already trust in the level of service and quality of Plating Brap's electrolytic coatings.

Dacia Audi Citröen BMW Bentley General Motors Mercedes DS Automobiles Fiat Ford Nissan Porsche Renault Volkswagen